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TO weighs in on Dez; was race a motivating factor in media outlash?

The mercurial, often misaligned, and debatably insane Terrell Owens played the race card today in regard to Dez Bryant’s sideline “outburst” — Owens wondered aloud if race had anything to do with the media’s lack of attention on Tom Brady’s well-documented sidelines tirades versus it’s intense and derailing focus on Bryant’s sideline demeanor in yesterday’s … Continue reading

Thoughts: Chiefs 17, Cowboys 16

Perhaps the most disconcerting aspect of Dallas’ start this year is the absence of a “renewed” commitment to the run.  Yes, this is a passer’s league — and with the likes of Green Bay, New England and Denver being amongst the best in the league, there’s a false perception that you can pass your way … Continue reading

Tony Romo: Debunking myths and determining whether he’s “elite” – Pt. 1

Anyone who knows me, knows I’ve long been a supporter and fan of Tony Romo.  It’s safe to say, that if he hadn’t fallen into the lap of Jerry Jones 10 years ago, we’d still have a sh*t-stream of worthless quarterbacks auditioning for a spot on America’s team.  Sean Payton (more than Parcells or Jones) … Continue reading

Reaction: Redskins 28, Cowboys 18

For the second straight year, the Cowboys choked in a do-or-die, winner-take-all, divisional title game. Let’s break down some of the reasons the Cowboys lost this game and lost the season.  This one hurt: 1.  Tony Romo was terrible We’ll go ahead and get this one out of the way.  For a guy who has … Continue reading

Welcome to the 4th Out

I was 9.  We visited, frequently, the house of a friend of my mother — she had a son, around the same age, and we became friends.  Or were forced to be.  Either way, we spent a proper amount of time around each other. Up until that point, I wasn’t very well acquainted with the … Continue reading